15 November 2009

PRINCESSdie & the Top 10 Links of the Week

Artist: PRINCESSdie, Bruce Lee
Artist: PRINCESSdie, Bruce Lee 

THIS WEEK: Advice for aspiring recording artists, the truth about vanity galleries, leaving your 9:00-to-5:00 for your art, newsletter guidelines for non-profits, and more....

#1.  The 4th Anniversary of Freedom
Four years ago today, I did a wild thing.... I went to work early, called my boss...and reminded her it was my 90-day review. I then proceeded to spend the entire morning writing and editing a very nice and gracious resignation letter. I smiled as I handed it over to her and told her I would be leaving and heading to Brooklyn for my second summer with Urban Bush Women's Summer Dance Institute. I had no plans, no other job, and not a doubt in my mind that if I worked there one more day, I would surely die. She was pissed and I felt great. I never cried after work again....

#2.  Advice for the Aspiring Recording Artist
There are countless books about making money in the music business. There are also books that claim to teach you how to turn iron into gold. While, unlike alchemy, it is possible to make a living as a rock star (or other recording artist), you need to remember that the overwhelming majority do not. In short, there are two reasons for “starving artists.” As we all learn from “American Idol,” the main reason is that most aspiring musicians refuse to believe they are anything less than amazing. However, there are also a lot of talented people that just need better information and some wise direction....
by Robert H. Reynolds | Callister & Reynolds Attorneys at Law | READ ENTIRE POST

#3.  Vanity Galleries: Pay to Play at Your Own Risk
An artist recently e-mailed me a copy of a contract she received from a Chelsea, New York gallery. The gallery offered her several options of “gallery representation,” ranging from $2,900 to $20,000. For a group exhibition and a “year of representation” that offered little more than showing her work on the gallery’s Web site, it would cost $9,200. She was seriously considering this offer. This woman is just one of the many artists from around the world who have been keeping galleries like this one in business. And, as evidenced by my bulging folder labeled “Vanity Galleries Contracts,” this practice is multiplying. Due to the unbalanced proportion of artists to galleries, this way of doing business has become profitable and is here to stay....
by Renee Phillips | Art Calendar | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: PRINCESSdie, J. Krishnamurti
Artist: PRINCESSdie, J. Krishnamurti
#4.  Vanity Galleries: Emerging Artists BEWARE!!
Every time GYST teaches its Getting Your Shit Together class we always discuss the topic of “vanity galleries,” exhibition spaces that lure young artists with promises of a show but demand that the artist put up the cash for hosting the exhibition. These galleries take advantage of artists’ desperation. They often demand that artists pay for everything pertaining to the exhibition: announcements, catering, staff fees, even the rent. On top of this they also take a percentage of sales. Vanity galleries are a scam, a blight on the art world and, predictably, showcase lack-luster art. We warn all our students to flee these spaces at break-neck speed....
by Jacqueline Bell Johnson | GYST-ink Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#5.  Why Artists Should Blog
Blogging can be a very useful promotional tool for artists. It’s not a substitute for having a good online portfolio or for doing lots of offline work on your career but it can be a useful addition. Not convinced? Here are my reasons....
by Kristy Hall | Up All Night Again | READ ENTIRE POST

#6.  Traditional Artists and the Online Presence
The Art Fair 09 RDS took place this weekend. If you had a chance to visit you probably saw over 100 galleries and artists showcasing their works.... Leaving the actual event aside, though, I was surprised to see that most artists present at the event (not including galleries) were doing so little to promote themselves and spark an interest in their work.  I’ll highlight some of the things I’ve noticed....
by Sabina Piter | The Online Engagement Revolution | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  Why ALL Online Artists and Art Bloggers Should Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web stats program which allows anyone, including online artists and art bloggers, to track the number of people visiting their website each day and to see where those visitors are coming from. In my opinion (and based on my own experience) if you’re an artist with a website or art blog, you should be using Google Analytics. Without it you’re flying blind....
by Dan | Empty Easel | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: PRINCESSdie, Mr. T
 Artist: PRINCESSdie, Mr. T

#8.  10 Secrets To Sell Art In A Down Economy
If you're an artist blessed with a marketing gene, you may already know these secrets. Yet as I communicate with over 40,000 artists in my art marketing blog, I find that most have never heard them. I hear from artists every day. Most tell me they are not selling as much artwork as last year. Some tell me they are prospering. The difference is that those who are successful understand these 10 basic secrets....
by B. Eric Rhoads | Artist Marketing | READ ENTIRE POST

#9.  What Should Go in Your Newsletter: Newsletter Guidelines for Nonprofits
As great as they may be, Web sites are a passive medium. Often, they are visited only after something else — an email, an advertisement, or a link from another Web site — directs (or redirects) users to them. Email, however, is proactive — and therefore a great way to drive people to your Web site....
by Jane Cravens | TechSoup | READ ENTIRE POST

#10. This article is an excellent case study for creative non-profits - Ed.
Brand Makeover for the Swift School
The mission of On the House was to give a branding makeover to a non-profit that was doing great work, but was not reaching its full potential due to weak marketing materials.... It is all too common that companies think that the name, logo, color, tagline, website don't matter. That if you have a good product or service you will succeed no matter what. Well, this is simply not true....
by Laura Ries | Ries' Pieces | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by PRINCESSdie (Boston, Massachusetts)

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