11 February 2011

Ghada Amer & the Top 10 Links of the Month

Artist Ghada Amer, Trini
ARTIST: Ghada AmerTrini, acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas

THIS MONTH: Film marketing advice; Canadian income tax and your small business; running your business on-line with $10 and a Google account; Internet marketing for novelists; and, more....


#1.  Fundraising Basics
Many women artists are familiar with writing grant proposals to government agencies or foundations, but they are not sure how to raise money from individuals because there are no clear guidelines or application forms. This article will focus on strategies for raising money for your projects by approaching individuals for contributions….
by Martha Richards | Women Arts | Read entire post

#2.  A Very Short Story About Selling Art
I have a studio in an old stone mill, quite lovingly renovated into a centre of artists studios, just outside of Toronto, Canada. The approx. 30 artists who rent there must open their doors to the public every Friday and Saturday. With very few visitors, those of us who are painters can never decide how to handle the open door days. Paint and generally ignore the lookers? Dress nicer and do busy work ready to hop up and talk? Always a bone of contention, as well as a mystery….
by Ariane Goodwin | smARTist career blog | Read entire post


#3.  Internet Marketing for Novel Writers
Writing, especially fiction writing, is a tough business to get into and a tougher one to stay in. Generally, neither authors nor publishers make a significant profit until an author's fifth novel is published. Most of the time, the majority of the meager money that publishers put into publicizing books goes toward review copies and the usually unproductive author tour. How many books do first-time authors sell? Over 195,000 new novels are published by traditional publishers in the U.S. every year. Of those, 70% sell fewer than 500 copies. Yikes….
by TK Kenyon | Read Write Web | Read entire post

Artist Ghada Amer, Anne
ARTIST: Ghada Amer, Anne, acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas


#4.  Practical Film Marketing Advice
It is an undeniable truth that most independent filmmakers are not effective at marketing their own films.... There are documentary filmmakers who have great projects about very important topics, and their films almost never get seen. And yet…some films with no name talent and with very low production values manage to get seen by everyone (à la The Blair Witch Project). Generally, these “surprise successes” are identified as flukes, but really they are examples of marketing done right. If you’d like your film to be a “happy accident of great marketing” here are some building blocks to get you started....
by Nancy Fulton | Film Funding Club Blog | Read entire post


#5.  11 Ways to Grow Your Holistic Business
Calling this article “11 Ways to Grow Your Holistic Business” implies that the ways to grow holistic businesses are different than for traditional ones. That’s not really true. The ways to grow are pretty much the same. But the essence of how you carry out each step is fundamentally different: to grow your business consciously. Holistic businesses tend to face unique challenges. All businesses must offer a compelling product or service, make more money than they spend and abide by the laws of their community. For holistic businesses, however, there are other, more difficult issues....
by Samantha Hartley | Enlightened Marketing | Read entire post


#6.  Redesigning a Brand
So you want to start a business? You’ve got an idea, you see an opportunity in the marketplace and you plan to work hard in building your business, but where do you start?
by Laura Ries | Ries’ Pieces | Read entire post

Artist Ghada Amer, The Woman Who Failed to be Shehrazade
ARTIST: Ghada AmerThe Woman Who Failed to be Shehrazade,
acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas

#7.  How to Run Your Business Online with $10 and a Google Account
Online infrastructure for your small business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By leveraging many of the free and inexpensive products offered by Google, you can create a website, a domain-branded e-mail system, and a document collaboration platform, all unified under one master login and password….
by Matt Silverman | Mashable | Read entire post

#8.  Canadian Income Tax and Your Small Business
Do you operate a Canadian small business? This guide presents all the information you need to know about preparing and filing your Canadian income tax return, from which business expenses qualify as legitimate Canadian income tax deductions through details on completing the T1 Personal and T1 Corporate Income Tax Returns….
by Susan Ward | Small Business: Canada | Read entire post

#9.  Four Things You Should Do Before Turning Your Passion into Your Full-Time Job
I was bitten by the bug – the be your own boss and run your own business bug and I was determined to turn my passion into a full-time job. In order to get to the place I am now, which is full-time business owner and blogger, I had to do many different things. Four of these things stick out as the most important and they are simple things that you can do if you are contemplating making the leap into full-time business owner….
by Regina Morrison | Crafting an MBA | Read entire post


#10. Survive and Thrive: How to Transform Anxiety into Inspiration
Are you anxious at times? I am. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of anxiety to go around: lay-offs, relationship crises, pandemics, violence – and that’s just for starters. Actually, anxiety is a natural alarm system that keeps us safe and productive. But it can become a chronic mindset. When that happens, it can deaden joy and stifle creativity….
by Mary Jaksch | Zen Habits | Read entire post

ARTWORK by Ghada Amer (Cairo, Egypt / New York, USA)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit her ArtNet site.
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