06 December 2009

Isis Rodriguez & the Top 10 Links of the Week

Artist, Isis Rodriguez, The Meditation
ARTIST: Isis Rodriguez, The Meditation

THIS WEEK: Endless requests to donate your work; 6 things potential buyers mean when they say they have no money; pricing secrets artists need to embrace; and, more....


#1.  Art Market Marketing Tips Increase Your Art's Value
When I started out in the art business, I bought and sold art by artists who were no longer alive, art by older artists who had either stopped making art or were near the ends of their careers, and art in the families of descendents of artists. Through my experience selling these types of art, I've developed techniques that contemporary artists can use to maximize the value of their art now rather than later, and to increase their chances for success both now and in the future. Why should you wait for dealers or galleries to recognize the profit potential of your art when you can enjoy those profits starting today?
by Alan Bamberger | Art Business | READ ENTIRE POST

#2.  Endless Requests to Donate Your Work – No, I will Not Donate to Your Auction
Recently a regional museum requested that I donate a small painting to their auction. I said no. This museum has never shown the least interest in including my work in its thematic shows. Its curators have never expressed sufficient interest in my work to make a studio visit. But they’d be happy to sell it to support their program, which to this date has not supported me. What’s wrong with this picture?
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#3.  The Pricing Game: Pricing Secrets Artists Need To Embrace
Imagine for a moment that you’re fairly wealthy. Not billionaire wealthy, but wealthy enough that you don’t need to think twice about going out and paying cash for a new $80,000 Lexus. Most artists price themselves too low because they can’t relate to wealth, so it’s important to imagine yourself with wealth for this exercise. Are you there yet? Now imagine that you go to the flea market on a Saturday. There is a guy at the flea market selling what he claims is a brand-new Mercedes for $13,000. Would you consider it, even for a moment?
by Eric Rhoads | Art-Stuff | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Isis Rodriguez, The Contemplation
ARTIST: Isis Rodriguez, The Contemplation 

#4.  Increasing Your Prices?
When you are selling all, or at least most of what you make, it is time to go up. It is easy to look at your own financial position and use it to judge the ability of people to afford your work. That's a mistake, and I feel you are leaving a lot of money on the "table." There is no reason an artist that is selling well shouldn't earn a living wage.... So lets establish a beginner's price structure for you....
by Stapleton Kearns | Fine Art Views | READ ENTIRE POST


#5.  6 Things They Mean When They Say They Have No Money
Every time I create a new product, I get emails from people saying they don’t have the money to buy it. If you’ve been selling anything for any length of time, you get those emails too.... The only people who do not have the money are people who have no money and no means of getting their hands on some. That is a very, very, very low percentage of people in first world countries in general, and a far lower percentage of people with access to email living in first world countries. What “I have no money” really means....
by Naomi Dunford | Itty Biz | READ ENTIRE POST

#6.  Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't It?
New entrepreneurs frequently hear the advice to "be unique" in their marketing.... There's no question that an element of uniqueness in your marketing can make your business more memorable, competitive, and special to your target audience. These are all reasons why being different can be good. But how different should you be?
by C.J. Hayden | Get Clients Now | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  The Corporate Collection
"How do I get my work into corporate collections?" is the question a reader sent me recently. I can answer this from my personal experience, but I'm going to depend on all of you to add your own information to this post via the comments....
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist, Isis Rodriguez, Reclining
ARTIST: Isis Rodriguez, Reclining


#8.  How to Get Donated Goods & Services for Your Film
My father is the king of coupons. If there’s a deal, he’s there. If there’s a sale, a sample, a miniature bottle of shampoo left unattended on a cart in a hotel, he is thrilled. So, being my father’s daughter, I too am tickled pink at the thought of discounts and free stuff. And the best way to obtain these wonderful free things? Well, make a movie, of course....
by Courtney Hope | CineReach | READ ENTIRE POST


#9.  29 Ways to Take a Creative Leap
Witnessing and encouraging others has challenged me to keep an open heart and open mind. I’ve had to cultivate compassion, patience and respect for the small steps we take.... Just showing up for every day of our lives is a leap – a leap of faith that our mundane actions and daily presence are making something marvelous....
by Cynthia Morris | Original Impulse Blog | READ ENTIRE MESSAGE

#10. Create Your Best Life
This is your time to slow down and reflect on the last 3 months and design what you want to focus on for the next 3 months. At the end of this exercise, you will be able to send an email copy of your response to yourself to reference later. I suggest you post it some place where you can see it on a regular basis. To get the most out of this tool, begin when you know you have about 45 min to an hour to relax and write. Clear the space, play music, make a cup of tea. Whatever will honor this time you will be spending to reflect and create....
by Julie Valentine | The Red Dragonfly | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by Isis Rodriguez (San Francisco, California)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit her Web site: IsisRodriguez.com
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