28 October 2009

Laura Ortiz Vega & the Top 10 Links of the Week

artwork by Laura Ortiz Vega(Untitled Graffiti Series, in thread and wax, by Laura Ortiz Vega)

THIS WEEK: Do freelancers need business plans, five ways to make money without selling your artwork, 17 types of posts to strengthen your business blog, and more....

#1. Spook Yourself Into Action
Don’t be haunted by fears of having to be both artist and businessperson. As the title of the book says, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” The real fear shouldn’t be in the doing; it should be in the NOT doing....  
by Alyson B. Stanfield | Art Biz Blog | Read entire post

#2.  Sometimes Our Plans are Too Small
We may have big visions for our future...but sometimes, our plans to get there are simply too small. If we stick to both our big vision and our small plan, we inevitably find ourselves in struggle. The two simply don’t go together. Taking action is like pulling teeth. Nothing flows easily. If we’re lucky, we have a lightbulb moment and allow our plans to get bigger....  
by Andrea Hess | Empowered Soul Blog | Read entire post

#3.  Freelancers: Do You Need a Business Plan?
If you tell someone that you’re going into business for yourself, he may ask to see your business plan — unless you tell him that you’re planning to freelance. There’s a certain assumption that freelancing is so plain and simple that anyone can do it, with no business plan needed....  
by Thursday Bram | FreelanceSwitch | Read entire post
artwork by Laura Ortiz Vega
(Untitled Graffiti Series, in thread and wax, by Laura Ortiz Vega)

#4.  Social Networking for Artists: Tips for Success
Much like in-person networking, “social networking” consists of communities of people who share interests and/or activities; however, it takes place on Web sites known as social sites. The most popular social sites, like the ones I use — Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and Twitter.com — are free. Each day, I network with hundreds of artists who use these sites to advance their professional careers.... Here are some tips to help you get started....  
by Renee Phillips | Art Calendar | Read entire post
#5.  5 Ways to Make Money Without Selling Your Artwork
When most artists think about making money with their art, they mainly think about direct sales....you make a piece of art and you sell it to a customer. But there are number of different ways to make money in addition to selling your artwork. And these alternate streams of income can help supplement your bottom line. In this episode, I'm going to talk about 5 alternate ways to make money without directly selling your art....  
by Nicolette Tallmadge | Blog Talk Radio | Listen to this broadcast

#6.  Essential Marketing Principle: Give Before You Try to Get
You know it well. Every marketing guru has spoken about this topic. I’m sick of hearing it. But it STILL bears repeating. Because some people still don’t get it. What’s the underlying principle for successful online marketing, selling or networking? The art of giving before you try to get. Before you get something from someone, you need to first give them a reason for them to give it to you.... 
by Maki | Dosh Dosh | Read entire post

#7.  Building Complementary Services: A Powerful Long-Term Social Media Marketing Strategy
A fundamental aspect of marketing is to gain the attention of a target audience and engage or redirect it in a way which fulfills specific objectives.... In terms of online marketing, social media channels offer many opportunities. Some webmasters focus on setting up profiles with self-serving user generated content only for backlinks and traffic.... And then there are a few that adopt a particularly powerful social media marketing strategy that consistently extracts attention with ease....  
by Maki | Dosh Dosh | Read entire post

artwork by Laura Ortiz Vega
(Untitled Graffiti Series, in thread and wax, by Laura Ortiz Vega

#8.  The platform vs. the eyeballs
This might be the most subtle yet important shift that marketers face as they deal with the reality of new media. Marketers aren't renters, now they own.... Suddenly the new media comes along and the rules are different. You're not renting an audience, you're building one. You're not exhibiting at a trade show, you're starting your own trade show....  
by Seth Godin | Seth's Blog | Read entire post

#9.  17 Types of Posts to Strengthen Your Business Blog
One of the key worries that businesses have as they start to develop their blog is what to write about and how best to communicate their messages across to their readers.... To help the process, here's a list of 17 possible types of posts that you could look at to develop the conversation on your business blog. They won't all be relevant for every blog but they should help to spark some ideas on ones that would be most applicable for you....  
by Mark White | Better Business Blogging | Read entire post

#10.  100 Awesome Articles to Get You Fired Up and Motivated About Blogging
I obviously read a lot about blogging itself, and I wanted to take one post and really link up a lot of my favorite fellow bloggers, and share with you some articles I’ve read recently that I think will motivate, educate and/or inspire you. Some of these are great, educational posts. Some are motivational, and some are great resources to help you get started and be successful with blogging and social networking for your business....  
by Christian Russell | Next Level Blogger | Read entire post

Artwork images are © of Laura Ortiz Vega (Mexico City)

For more information about her, please visit the Antena Estudio Web site.
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