03 November 2009

Julian Calleros & the Top 10 Links of the Week

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[ Modista by Julian Calleros ]

THIS WEEK: Quit looking for an artist agent, learn how NOT to approach a gallery, working backwards to accomplish your goals, and more....

#1.  Defining "Success"
I had lunch at the Empire Diner in Chelsea recently with Stephanie Sachs, a New York-born artist now living in Hawaii.... There are not a lot of gallery opportunities on Maui, says Stephanie — save for the tourist venues with the whale paintings — so she has found an alternative way to show and sell her work....
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#2.  Working Backwards to Accomplish Your Goals as An Artist
Most people set out to market their product without a direction. It might work for you but you can increase your success if you have a road map to success. You need to ask yourself some basic questions in order to determine what your marketing will accomplish....
by B. Eric Rhoads | Artist Marketing READ ENTIRE POST

#3.  Quit Looking for an Agent
At some point, almost every artist says to herself, "I wish I had an agent." How do I know? Because artists say it to me almost every day. My response? Quit dreaming! Come back to reality and quit wasting your time. Plant both feet firmly on the ground so you can get your head out of the clouds....
by Alyson B. Stanfield | Art Biz Coach | READ ENTIRE POST 

[ Untitled by Julian Calleros ]

#4.  How Do You Find the Time?
By our very nature, entrepreneurial artists always have too much to do, with an eruption of great ideas and initiatives in the pipeline. Finding time to address everything can be tough. As a result, many artists make little forward progress on important life goals year after year, despite the reality that they’re constantly frantic with work. If this scenario sounds familiar, here are some tips that can help....
by David Cutler | Entrepreneur The Arts Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#5.  How NOT to Approach a Gallery
With all the advice floating around about how to approach a gallery, let’s talk today about what not to do....
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#6.  You’ve Got the Mind of An Entrepreneur Whether You Like It or Not
Entrepreneurs aren’t just business geeks. Being educated in business and starting a business, doesn’t make you any more an entrepreneur than the photographer selling his work. You might know a bit more about running a business but you’re still hawking your shit to make a living. You’re still using your creativity to generate income....
by Tara Joyce | the Innerpreneur | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  10 Ways To Get Your Writing Out There
Some people think that getting published by a traditional book publisher is the only way to get your writing out to readers.... I would argue that writers don’t benefit from it, readers don’t benefit from it, and neither does our writing culture. This perception of the editor-gatekeepers just creates a tense and risk-averse climate. So, I’m going to detour around the bottleneck and focus on the diversity of methods writers can use to get their writing out there. The ten things I list are often considered different mediums and require collaboration and/or different skill sets, but writing can be central to them....
by Jim Munroe | No Media Kings | READ ENTIRE POST

[ Il Faut by Julian Calleros ]

#8.  10 Small Business Social Marketing Tips
In this post, I’ll offer 10 suggestions for how small businesses can supercharge their marketing efforts by leveraging social media. For each suggestion, I will discuss a basic strategy – for those who simply want to get their toes wet, as well as an advanced strategy – for those who want to spend a bit more time and go a bit deeper in their social media marketing efforts....
by Ross Kimbarovsky | Mashable | READ ENTIRE POST

#9.  Get a Matching Twitter Brand
It’s known that a brand for a product is like reputation for a human being. There are so many articles, books and people that talk about branding and how it is done properly. A lot of bloggers out there, who are most probably new, just do not care about their Twitter page and how it looks. Considering that you have got a proper brand and theme for your blog (or product) now you need to have a Twitter branded page that matches your current brand....
by Firas Steitiyeh | TwiTip | READ ENTIRE POST

#10.  The Best Marketing Strategy
What is the most powerful and effective marketing strategy? It's one you probably know about but seldom use. However, this is something you should pay close attention to and work on implementing as soon as you can. This marketing strategy is so powerful because you use it to borrow the credibility and trust of another to promote yourself....
by Robert Middleton | The More Clients Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by Julian Calleros (Toronto, Ontario)

Want more info on this artist? Please visit his Web site: JulianCalleros.com
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