22 November 2009

Joey DAMMIT! & the Top 10 Links of the Week

Artist: Joey DAMMIT! David Bowie
ARTIST: Joey DAMMIT!, David Bowie

THIS WEEK: How to "crowd fund" your film, self-publishing vs. vanity publishing, using video to promote your business, generating creative business ideas, and more....


#1.  Top 5 Legal Issues for Indies
As an entertainment lawyer...I have had the privilege of working with many talented and dedicated industry veterans, as well as those in the nascent stages of their careers. Interestingly, I have seen that experience does not necessarily keep people from making some very common mistakes. Below are the ones that I encounter on an almost weekly basis, and that I hope you can avoid in your projects....
by Deena Kalai | The Filmlot | READ ENTIRE POST

#2.  How to Crowd Fund Your Film
This page is a short step-by-step guide to using the crowd-funding model that has made The Age of Stupid possible....
by The Age of Stupid | READ ENTIRE POST

#3.  Co-Development and Co-Production
Developing or producing with someone else makes sense for lots of reasons: it shares the risk, opens up funding opportunities from other countries and can bring on board a more senior producer's experience. However, if you embark on co-development or co-production it is important that the arrangement between you and your co-producer(s) is clear and set out in a contract....
by Pinsent Masons LLP | OUT-LAW | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Joey DAMMIT! Johnny Cash
ARTIST: Joey DAMMIT!, Johnny Cash


#4.  Self-Publishing vs. Vanity Publishing. Confused?
I often get letters or phone calls from confused and sometimes worried authors, unsure whether or not to sign a contract with a publisher who’s raved about their book idea but is asking for a "contribution towards the cost of publishing the book." The amount varies, but frequently it runs into the thousands....
by Jo | Writers' & Artists' Blog | READ ENTIRE POST


#5.  Generating Creative Business Ideas
My college tennis coach had this wise saying, “If you're winning, don't change anything; if you're losing, change your strategy until something works.” I've applied this wisdom to my business practices in the following way: When everything's going well, I stay the course, but if all business indicators are telling me that I'm losing... then I have nothing to lose by experimenting with new ideas....
by Lori Woodward Simons | Fine Art Views | READ ENTIRE POST

#6.  Response to a Letter from a Portrait Artist
I just read an email from you regarding those who advertise and those who don't. It was a good read. I know your words are true, and the two examples viable. I think one roadblock for many Invisables is "where do I come up with the money to invest when I am treading water as it is?"
by B. Eric Rhoads | Artist Marketing | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  Video Ideas to Promote Your Business
We love video – it’s engaging, and, honestly, it doesn’t take as much work to watch something as it does to read. Plus, the medium is arguably more powerful than the written word. With the huge popularity of smart phones like the Blackberry and the iPhone, it's easy to access without even a computer.... It's popular because it has given us the power back.... Here are some ideas to harness this powerful medium and put it to work for you and your business....
by Rebecca Coleman | The Art of Business | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Joey DAMMIT! Tom Waits
ARTIST: Joey DAMMIT!, Tom Waits 


#8.  Business Advice for Artists from Artists
While most fine artists will not see Picasso-size deals in their lifetime, they have ways to promote themselves and boost their sales....
by Stacy Perman | Business Week | READ ENTIRE POST

#9.  Building Trust With Marketing Strategies
When you think of marketing strategies, you need to remember that their ultimate purpose is to build trust. These marketing strategies can be broken down into four distinct categories that build this trust step-by-step....
by Robert Middleton | The More Clients Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#10. Your Sales Funnel Stinks: 7 Reasons Why Your Online Sales Stink
Most people don’t just land on a website and buy something the very first time they visit. Especially if you’re not one of the big retail websites like Amazon.com, The Gap, and Target.... They may like what you have to offer, but most people want to learn a bit more about you and your work before they decide to pull out their credit cards....
by Nicolette Tallmadge | The Crafted Webmaster | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by Joey DAMMIT! (Toronto, Ontario)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit his Web site: JoeyDammit.com
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