02 June 2010

Radical Business: Your Niche

I guess I should have warned you all that I go M.I.A. during my birthday month. Obnoxious as it may sound, I believe that celebrating on just the day of is for suckers. But now I'm back, and for the most part, somewhat recovered from May's festivities.

Today, I was just reading through my weekly Heart of Business e-newsletter and they mentioned Tad Hargrave's Radical Business site (he provides marketing consulting to holistic businesses). I had come across it some time last year and had shared some of his marketing self-assessment materials with a client. I remember now that it really resonated with her, so it may do the same for you too (just scroll down for the sign-up box in the right-hand column).

Radical Business has an interesting youtube channel full of excerpts from his business intensive that many of you may find useful. From it, here's a nice, simple, straightfoward explanation for understanding your niche:

Tad Hargrave, Radical Business, Niche: Demographics vs. Psychographics
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