01 May 2010

Hew Locke & the Top 10 Links of the Month

Artist: Hew Locke, Sinclair from the Shares series
ARTIST: Hew Locke, Sinclair (from the Shares series) 

THIS MONTH: How to use your mailing list correctly; tips to increase your visibility; 10 basic SEO tips for your Web site; creating the perfect tag line; and, more....


#1.  Gallery Business
Blame it on the economy. Many galleries are turning over a new leaf — changing how they do business, typically because of diminished staff or funds. It's a good idea to check in with your gallery to see how things are going, to learn of any changes in the way they're operating and — since we're in this together — to see if there's anything you might do to help in the promotion of your work and, by extension, of the gallery itself. What follows are some examples of the ways those leaves are turning....
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

#2.  Fund Raisers that Do It Right
Undervaluing the worth of art hurts the community. Many artists struggle to make a profit each year, and although it might sound noble to give art away, sometimes it does the community of artists more harm than good. Fund raisers who ask numerous artists for outright donations devalue the worth of the art in that community. When there is no minimum (reserve) price set for a work, it often sells for less than the cost for materials. Even worse, the buyers return each year to pick up unbelievable bargains, and they rarely contact the artist to pay full retail price on additional paintings. This is the kind of "exposure" that actually hurts business for artists....
by Lori Woodward | Fine Art Views | READ ENTIRE POST


#3.  Who Needs Food Anyway?
How visible are you? No one ever gave me this advice, and I wish they had drummed it into my head at a young age. It took me decades to really understand it. The law of visibility is a reality for anyone who wants to be considered a celebrity in their area of expertise. Stay visible frequently....
by B. Eric Rhoads | Artist Marketing | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Hew Locke, Guantanamo from the Shares series
ARTIST: Hew Locke, Guantanamo (from the Shares series)

#4.  Keep Clients Involved and Excited by Using a Mailing List Right, a Conversation with Alyson B. Stanfield
Alyson is really big on building and maintaining relationships — noting that it’s much easier to make friends than to speak in “sales talk.” Our conversation will cover the following: The Do’s and Don’ts of building a mailing list; Email secrets (Alyson doesn’t think they’re secret, but apparently they are because so many artists are ignoring them!); [and,] How to use your mailing list most effectively....
Host: John T. Unger | Art Heroes Radio | LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE

#5.  Opportunity is the Most Dangerous Distraction You'll Ever Face
Every artist knows the feeling of looking at a blank page and freezing like a deer in the headlights. When you can do whatever you want, sometimes it's damn hard to choose what to do. Starting a new work of art is always exciting, but sometimes constraints are your best friend when comes to moving forward with assurance. Focus not only makes it easier to move forward, it often allows you to do so more quickly, with greater poise and balance.... As an artist, you always need the creative challenge of doing new things, but don't allow yourself to be distracted from your art by the temptations of opportunities that don't match your long term goals....
Host: John T. Unger | Art Heroes Radio | LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE


#6.  Does Your Tagline Create Clarity or Mystery?
If you can’t deliver a message in a handful of words to consumers, you’ve missed the target. Depending on people’s curiosity to click through and check out your product or service is a huge mistake – and it’s common, too....
by James Chartrand | Copyblogger | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  Are You Talkin' to My Generation?
Each generation has a core set of values that define the group as a whole. Life events and experiences shaped each generation’s way of thinking. They have specific beliefs, opinions and values that they uphold. These generations needs to know that the company they’re dealing with supports what they believe to be valuable. Are you the business they’re looking for?
by James Chartrand | Copyblogger | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Hew Locke, Victoria Palace from the Shares series
ARTIST: Hew Locke, Victoria Palace (from the Shares series)


#8.  6 Steps to Pricing Your Product Right
You might be selling the most spectacular product in the world — but price it wrong, and you could still go broke. Too high, and you’ll scare off potential customers. Too low, and you’ll hurt your profitability. Setting the right price is a complex task, involving everything from production costs to the budget of your key demographic.... To do it right, consider the following steps....
by Anne Field | The Business Insider | READ ENTIRE POST


#9.  10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started
Every business with a Web site should make Search Engine Optimization — trying to get your site as high up as possible on Google and Bing search-results pages — a part of their growth strategy. At its most basic, "SEO" means finding ways to increase your site's appearance in web visitors' search results. This generally means more traffic to your site....
by Bianca Male | The Business Insider | READ ENTIRE POST

#10. Blow Up Your Search Traffic Using Photos: The 5-Step Guide
Have you ever heard the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words? Online, that picture may be worth quite a bit more because of two interesting facts that most small businesses never consider when promoting their products or services online....
by Rohit Bhargava | The Business Insider | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by Hew Locke (London, UK)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit his Web site: http://www.HewLocke.net/
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