05 February 2012

Charlene Vickers & the Top 10 Links of the Month

ARTIST: Charlene Vickers, Sleeman Makazin, denim, beads and beer case

THIS MONTH: Understanding your target market; applying for grants, residencies and funding assistance; five myths of Internet marketing; self-publishing art books; how to craft the perfect press release; and, more....

#1.  Applying for Grants, Residencies, Funding and Other Assistance
by Alan Bamberger | Professional Artist

Generating income from art in the form of either cash or cash equivalents is always challenging, especially for artists who have unconventional ideas or create art that may not be commercially viable. The good news is that the art world is one place where anyone who shows talent and promise — marketable or otherwise — can get help in a variety of ways…. [Read entire post]

#2.  Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals
by C.J. Hayden | Get Clients Now!

There's more marketing hype published on the Internet in one day than P.T. Barnum generated in his lifetime. Like a worm swallowing its tail, the Internet marketing beast feeds mostly on itself. The vast majority of what appears on the Internet about marketing is designed to help you market products and services sold and delivered exclusively on the Internet…. [Read entire post]

ARTIST: Charlene VickersLost Sister Moccasin,
Xerox, thread, chamois, moose hide, quills and canvas 

#3.  How Focus Defines Our Life
by Jonathan Wells | Advanced Life Skills

Photography is an amazing way to learn about focus. This is because the very act of viewing life through the lens of a camera can help us to develop a truly empowering skill. We call that skill focus, and learning to use it properly can transform our perception of the world around us…. [Read entire post]

#4.  Making Book
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog

Q: I’ve been thinking of self-publishing a catalog to accompany an upcoming show in an academic gallery. The gallery is contributing a small amount but I will do the work. Is a self-published book considered too desperate or careerist? [Read entire post]

#5.  No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much.
by Adrienne Graham | Forbes

I love giving advice. I write blogs, articles and a newsletter. I host a radio show. I tweet, Facebook and share nuggets of advice almost daily. So what is it in all of that, that would make anyone think they can still have the right to “pick my brain?” [Read entire post]

ARTIST: Charlene VickersOka Moccasin, beer case, cotton, thread and glass beads 

#6.  On Criticism, Cynicism & Sharpening Your Gut Instinct
by Scott Belsky | 99%

Time and time again, creative people are given two pieces of advice: (1) Listen to your critics and seek feedback, but also (2) Ignore your critics and follow your intuition. Clearly, there's a powerful contradiction here in need of reconciliation…. [Read entire post]

#7.  Press Releases: Which of These Rookie Mistakes are You Making?
by Dharmesh Shah | HubSpot Blog

One thing I have been surprised by is the number of simple mistakes people make when crafting a press release. I'm not talking about the content itself, but the structural aspects of a press release. The stuff that's easy to fix. The stuff that reduces the value you could be getting from press releases if you don't get them right…. [Read entire post]

#8.  Ten Essential Business Tips for Creatives
by Scott Miller | Red Lemon Club

To be happy and fulfilled, creatives need to spend the majority of their time creating. To be successful in business, creatives need to spend some time...taking care of basic business concerns. Here’s a list of essential business tips to keep you focused on what’s most important…. [Read entire post]

ARTIST: Charlene VickersAnishnabe Made on Coast Salish Territory,
beer case, fun fur, moose hide, quills and letter beads 

#9.  Understand Your Target Market
by Jackie B. Peterson | Better, Smarter, Richer

Targeting clients means that you focus your energies on the EXACT person who is most likely to hire you and most likely to have a good experience working with you. This is often, someone just like your favorite clients. To begin developing a target client profile, it is just fine to start with a sample of one or two. Take a close look at that favorite client of yours and describe them…. [Read entire post]

#10. When Times Are Tough
by Chris Tyrell | Chris Tyrell’s Art Marketing Blog

Consumers seek price reductions when times are tough, but savvy manufacturers are careful to provide discounts rather than price reductions. Price reductions are “invisible” unless they are advertised with original pricing and it is hard to put prices back up. Discounts, however, can be time-limited, qualified and do not require a change in pricing. This is something artists should consider — discounts provide a far greater psychological incentive for customers than do price reductions when it comes to selling art. And make your discounts event- or time-specific…. [Read entire post]

ARTWORK by Charlene Vickers (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Want more info on this artist?
Please visit her Web site: CharleneVickersVisualArtist.blogspot.com

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