20 August 2011

Gabrielle Manglou & the Top 10 Links of the Month

Artist: Gabrielle Manglou, Voler dans les plumes
ARTIST: Gabrielle Manglou, Voler dans les plumes, mixed-media digital print 

THIS MONTH: How to really set yourself apart from the rest; corporate art clients; an introduction to crowdfunding; how not to get yourself reviewed; and, more....

#1.  An Introduction to Crowdfunding
by WomenArts

As traditional grants for artists become scarce, creative people are coming up with new ways to raise money. Crowdfunding is a popular new online fundraising technique that you can use whether or not you have non-profit status. Although successful crowdfunding requires a significant investment of time and effort, it can work well if you have strong online networks of fans and friends that you are willing to ask for money. [ Read entire post ]

#2.  Corporate Art Clients
by Klint Callaghan | BNET

For many artists, galleries and publishers, corporate art is a significant source of income. However, such sales don't just happen by chance. In fact, in the increasingly competitive game of art sales, corporate art buyers are highly coveted. For those willing to put forth the extra effort to locate such clients, the reward is likely to be an opportunity to sell a tremendous amount of original and limited edition art to one client. And in the increasingly competitive game of art sales, this could be the difference between financial success and financial ruin. [ Read entire post ]

Artist: Gabrielle Manglou, La France
ARTIST: Gabrielle ManglouLa France, mixed-media digital print

#3.  5 Landing Page Mistakes That Crush Conversion Rates
by Brian Clark | Copyblogger

A landing page is a place you send traffic when you really want some action…. It can be a sales page, an email opt-in page, a video landing page, or even a content landing page designed to rank well in search engines. As you might have guessed, there are a lot of ways to screw these up. Here are five of the most common mistakes people make with their landing pages. [ Read entire post ]

#4.  How Not to Get Reviewed
by Joanne Mattera | Joanne Mattera Art Blog

So what happens when the institution rolls boulders into the path of the reviewer? That was my experience recently when I went to view and review, on assignment from a national magazine, the retrospective of a giant in the field of abstraction via the medium of fiber. For casual visitors, I’m guessing the show was a delight — all shimmering color and sensuous material in numerous galleries on two floors. For a reviewer, however, it was a nightmare. [ Read entire post ]

#5.  How to Really Set Yourself Apart from the Rest
by Alex Mathers | Red Lemon Club

In marketing jargon, a unique selling point/proposition is what a product or service possesses that states clearly that it will provide a certain specific and unique benefit to the customer. It is a very good idea to know what makes you unique and what people will remember you for, before going about promoting yourself. As creatives, one of the biggest challenges we face is in standing out from the crowd of others all trying to make a name for themselves. Many will be using the same tools as you do, and this increases the potential for you to miss out on your ideal projects. [ Read entire post ]

Artist: Gabrielle Manglou, Les bananes
ARTIST: Gabrielle ManglouLes bananes, mixed-media digital print

#6.  The 9 Elements of a Strong Business Model for Freelance Creatives
by Alex Mathers | Red Lemon Club

What is a business model, and why do freelancers and self-employed people need one? A business model describes the reasoning behind how an organization or individual creates, delivers and captures value. Essentially, it is the framework through which an organisation makes money. If you don’t have one in place, your money-making strategy is likely to be cloudy, less efficient, and confusing for you. [ Read entire post ]

#7.  Soniei, an Artist and a MicroBusiness?
by Lloyd Lemons | A Lifetime of microBusiness

Do you create exclusively for your own enjoyment, or is your art also your livelihood? If selling your art is necessary to your nourishment and shelter, then you have a whole lot more going on than just creating art. You need to create and sell; and so you’ve been forced to augment your artistic talents with a substantial measure of business sense. Undoubtedly, you’ve established a marketing plan. You’re involved with supply and demand, you network and you know your market.... If this sounds like you, my friend, you are a microBusiness. [ Read entire post ]

#8.  The Value of Peer Review
by Chris Tyrell | Chris Tyrell’s Art Marketing Blog

Artists who get their only critical feedback from people who see their art by invitation pretend to be overexposed to the opinions of friends and relatives. They see your work in your presence are bound by rules of politeness to find a way to make a positive response. They cannot be objective.... But beyond aesthetics, artists can also benefit from a discussion about the business of being an artist if they create a forum for such a discussion. [ Read entire post ]

Artist: Gabrielle Manglou, La grande eternite
ARTIST: Gabrielle ManglouLa grande éternité, mixed-media digital print


#9.  TeuxDeux
A free browser-based, to-do application.

#10. TinyLetter
Free e-mail newsletter service that now tracks your open rate stats. Very clean interface and simple to use. (Stripped down, HTML e-mail templates from other sources can easily be used on this system.)

ARTWORK by Gabrielle Manglou (Iles de la Réunion, Africa / France)
Want more info on this artist?
Please visit her Web site: GabrielleManglou.e-monsite.com
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