02 June 2011

Erin Finley & the Top 10 Links of the Month

Artist: Erin Finley, Portrait of the artist in Louis Vuitton and maxi pad with wings
ARTIST: Erin Finley, Portrait of the artist in Louis Vuitton and maxi pad with wings,
black and metallic ink on paper

 The psychology of undercharging; how to set up a blog for beginners; professional guidelines for artists; the key to independent film marketing; and, more....


#1.  Professional Guidelines
The Professional Guidelines have been developed as a reference to help everyone in the arts and crafts community learn how to handle common but important situations that may arise. These documents are basic tools for improved and equitable business practices, leading toward more standard professional practices….
by The Society of North American Goldsmiths via H.E. Berman | VIEW DOCS

#2.  Developing Your Creative Practice: Tips from Brian Eno
Current neuroscience research confirms what creatives intuitively know about being innovative: that it usually happens in the shower. After focusing intently on a project or problem, the brain needs to fully disengage and relax in order for a “Eureka!” moment to arise. It’s often the mundane activities like taking a shower, driving, or taking a walk that lure great ideas to the surface....
by Scott McDowell | 99% | READ ENTIRE POST

#3.  Search Engines Have No Vision! So Help SEO “SEE” Your Images
Search engines cannot see your images…. This is why it is so important to add words and text such as titles, tags, and descriptions to all your images on your web site, blog, or social networking sites…. To grasp the impact of this issue, try describing an image to a blind person. Treat search engines in the same way. How else can blind search engines "see" images? Today's post will show a couple of super simple examples for ALT image information for images on web sites and blogs….
by Harriete Estel Berman | Ask Harriete | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Erin Finley, Portrait of the artist as a suicide bomber
ARTIST: Erin FinleyPortrait of the artist as a suicide bomber, ink on paper 


#4.  Facebook Marketing: The Key to Independent Film Marketing?
In a world bombarded by media and lower and lower budgeted products flooding the marketplace, it’s no wonder filmmakers are searching for new ways of distribution and marketing…. With movies showing up in cinemas shot on $2500 DSLRs, it’s no wonder every deadbeat who ever wanted to make a film is now giving it a shot and throwing things up on YouTube or Vimeo. But, the same problem remains that has plagued the unknown filmmaker from the beginning of the cosmos…how to get your movie in front of people who care?
by Kyle Prohaska | WorkBook Project | READ ENTIRE POST

#5.  Golden Rules: Running an Independent Film Screening Series
In 2009, as a reaction against an increasingly corporate-ized and fractured media landscape, I decided to start an independent film screening series…to help filmmakers survive — without selling out. To do this, I believed that we needed a few things: A consistent audience, good programming, and a low overhead…. I wanted to share some of what we have learned in running this film series over the course of the last two years: The things that have allowed us to survive (and perhaps even modestly thrive?) in a very bad economic climate for the arts….
by Saskia Wilson-Brown | WorkBook Project | READ ENTIRE POST


#6.  CAM Practitioners & Healers: The Psychology of Undercharging
Many helping professionals find themselves stuck in the trap of regularly reducing their rates. This is a destructive cycle that not only hurts you, it also hurts your clients and has a negative impact on the treatment process. Here’s how the cycle goes….
by Melanie Yost | Empowered Healer | READ ENTIRE POST

#7.  Are These 3 Common Beliefs Costing You Money?
In my conversations with helping professionals who are struggling to bring in more clients and make more money, I have noticed some common belief systems and behaviors that are sabotaging their success and actually costing them clients and money. See if you are making these same mistakes…
by Melanie Yost | Awaken your Entrepreneur Blog | READ ENTIRE POST

Artist: Erin Finley, Difficult coronation of the president of the Motorhead fan club
ARTIST: Erin FinleyDifficult coronation of the president of the Motorhead fan club,
ink and gold leaf on paper

#8.  Are You Being Held Captive by Your Business Model?
Most helping professionals know only one business model…seeing clients one on one. That’s what they are taught. There may be a few who are running groups or hosting an occasional workshop, but for the most part, the standard practice building model is seeing clients face to face. When I started out, I thought this was a great model. However, over the years, I realized that my income was dependent on many factors outside of my control….
by Melanie Yost | Awaken Your Entrepreneur Blog | READ ENTIRE POST


#9.  Scope Creep, Boundaries and Business
Scope creep is when the encompassing goals of a project – that could be a writing assignment, a web redesign, an office re-do, or even your overall job requirements – begin to broaden outside the original agreement…. Whether you’re a consultant or an employee within a larger firm, scope creep can be infuriating in business, but it’s your job to set the boundaries…. Sometimes it takes some education, sometimes it takes some conversation, and sometimes it takes just saying no. Here are some suggestions as to how you can minimize any negative effect on you….
by Vicki Flaugher | SmartWomanGuides | READ ENTIRE POST

#10. How to Set Up a Blog for Beginners
If you have an interest in sharing your thoughts and interacting with others on the Internet…all you need to get started is an email address and something to say….
by Sean Percival | Mahalo | READ POST & VIEW VIDEO TUTORIALS

ARTWORK by Erin Finley (Toronto, Ontario)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit her Web site: ErinFinley.com
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