24 March 2010

soJin Chun & the Top 10 Links of the Month

Photographer: soJin Chun, Scarborough Thando
PHOTOGRAPHER: soJin Chun, Scarborough Thando

THIS MONTH: Goal setting for creatives; three tips for setting business boundaries; the simple reason why you're not reaching thousands of people; creating a better budget; and, more....


#1.  Seven Symptoms of “Starving Artist Syndrome”
Might you be a starving artist and not know it? Now, you’re probably not literally starving. So how does being a “starving artist” look in the creative entrepreneur’s life? It’s both a love and money thing. Here are seven symptoms of Starving Artist Syndrome....
by Lisa Sonora Beam | READ ENTIRE POST

#2.  Goal Setting for Creatives: Staying (or Getting) on Track with Your Goals
Now that we’ve acknowledged that you are a gorgeous genius for even considering the courageous topic of goals, here are some guidelines and tools to help you design goals that can stand up to the trials that life (and our own old habits of mind and action) will present the minute we’ve decided to make a positive change or start something new....
by Lisa Sonora Beam | READ ENTIRE POST


#3.  The Simple Reason Why You’re Not Reaching Thousands of People
You’ve got something fantastic that you do, and you want to reach a lot of people with it. And why not? Reaching a lot of people means that your great thing helps more people. It also means that you probably will end up with more clients. Of course, you may not. There are lots of people with huge-mongous lists whose sales numbers are dismally small. But that’s another article. Today I want to talk about reaching a huge number of people in the first place....
by Mark Silver | Heart of Business | READ ENTIRE POST

Photographer: soJin Chun, Scarborough Vic Park Platform I
PHOTOGRAPHER: soJin Chun, Vic Park Platform I

#4.  Creating an Email Newsletter for Your Fan Page
Do you have a Facebook Fan page? If you do, then getting people to visit it regularly to see your updates is one thing that will make it more effective for you. While Facebook allows you to send updates to your fans whenever you wish, those updated don’t ever reach your fan’s email box and the Updates section is rather buried in the Facebook profile system.... Fortunately, there’s a free Facebook Application that can help!
by Nicollette Tallmadge | The Crafted Webmaster | READ ENTIRE POST


#5.  Analyze Your Business Finances and Create a Better Budget
Once again we’re deep into tax season, the time of year when you are forced to set aside your favorite art supplies and face financial data. While all that number crunching may be giving you a headache, analyzing your financial figures is vital for the health of your business....
by Ligaya Figueras | Art Calendar | READ ENTIRE POST


#6.  Myths To Destruct: Creatives are Bad at Business
I’m going to propose something radical: Creative people are actually best equipped to succeed in business. Not the other way ’round, as we’ve been told, sold and have bought in to for all these years. Yes, there are some dramatic examples of the “starving artist.” But have you ever considered that it’s not being “creative” that makes them “bad at business?”
by Lisa Sonora Beam | READ ENTIRE POST

Photographer: soJin Chun, 11 Faces of Scarborough
PHOTOGRAPHER: soJin Chun, 11 Faces of Scarborough

#7.  3 Tips for Setting Masterful Boundaries in Your Highly Sensitive Business
As a sensitive soul, boundaries are critical for your sanity, success, and sense of self, particularly when it comes to running your own business. Without boundaries, everything runs together and you can get easily lost and confused about what you’re doing and why. To be the client-attractive, successful professional you want to be, having direction, clear limits, and certainty are required. Here are three tips to help you set masterful boundaries in your highly sensitive business....
by Jenna Avery | The Art of Sensitive Living | READ ENTIRE POST


#8.  Why Artists Need to be Online
By being visible online (under your professional name, of course), you allow other people to do your promotion for you. This works largely through the medium of blogging, although occasionally artists are picked up by the larger mainstream media because a story about them has appeared online....
by Kristy Hall | Kristy Hall: Artist & Curator | READ ENTIRE POST

#9.  Grab the Bull by the Horns
BloggingTips has been online for more than 2 and a half years now. Running a community like this has put me in a unique position to see how many bloggers have developed since starting their first blog. I’m happy to say that many are now running successful blogs, which bring them in a nice profit every month. However, too many have struggled to make their blog a success and even more have just stopped blogging altogether....
by Kevin Muldoon | Blogging Tips | READ ENTIRE POST

#10. Blog Directories
You should not expect a lot of traffic from blog directories but submitting your blog to a few dozen can help give your blog a kickstart when it’s new....
by Blogging Tips | READ ENTIRE POST

ARTWORK by soJin Chun (Scarborough, Ontario)
Want more info on this artist? Please visit her Web site: soJinChun.com/gallery
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