30 July 2012

The Best Kind of Artist

After connecting with Gwenn Seemel over Twitter, I've been spending some time on her site and blog. And I'm really loving this woman. This clip is a repost of her video discussing general artist types (I'm still smiling over the academic artist breakdown), but you may want to check out her blog for some practical business advice from someone who's making a living from her practice. I'll include some links in next month's top 10.

Check out GweenSeemel.com.

23 May 2012

Holly Bynoe & the Top 10 Links of the Month

ARTIST: Holly Bynoe, Imperial, digital collage

THIS MONTH: How to deal with difficult clients; market research for artists; worst advice ever for small businesses and startups; marketing 101 for freelance writers; free tip sheets and templates for small businesses and non-profits; and, more....

05 February 2012

Charlene Vickers & the Top 10 Links of the Month

ARTIST: Charlene Vickers, Sleeman Makazin, denim, beads and beer case

THIS MONTH: Understanding your target market; applying for grants, residencies and funding assistance; five myths of Internet marketing; self-publishing art books; how to craft the perfect press release; and, more....

20 January 2012

Arts & Upstarts: Marina Guglielmi, Maker Technical Sculpture Services & Box 47 Sculpture Studio

Artist/Business Owner: Marina Guglielmi with partners Andy Stretch and Aleks Bozovic
This is a special post of Arts & Upstarts. I know it's wrong to have favourites but Marina Guglielmi is perhaps just that. We met through the first instalment of my Don't Get Good at What You Don't Want to Be Doing business course in the spring of 2010 and I knew right away that she would just kick it. Here is an interview with an unbelievably talented artist and awesome business owner whose go get attitude just makes me smile every time I think of her.


Maker Technical Sculpture Services
Providing specialized skills for the production, maintenance and restoration of sculptural work.

Box 47 Sculpture Studio
A unique co-sharing 3D studio.
Both started: 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a practicing sculptor, principal of Maker Technical Sculpture Services and the studio manager of Box 47 Sculpture Studio. I studied fine art at The Art Centre in Toronto, with a focus on sculpture under the direction of Canadian sculptor Richard McNeil. I currently run my business, co-sharing studio, personal artistic practice and reside in Toronto.
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